Paragon 912

The Six Chuter Paragon 912 is designed to satisfy the pilot-owner whose primary goal is the reliability of a four-stroke engine.  Six Chuter has chosen the Rotax 912 UL for its reliability and value.  This 912. Engine is incredibly quiet and smooth operating, and boasts a 2000 hour time between overhaul, virtually four times that of comparable two-stroke engines.  And with an estimated fuel consumption of about two gallons per hour you can expect up to five hours of flight time on a standard tank of fuel!  Add a four-blade prop to boost the thrust of this package and the performance is even more superior.  Add a Performance Design Sunriser 550 and you have one of the heaviest lifters in the industry.


Standard Features

Powder Coat Airframe with Choice of Standard Colors / Rotax 912 / Deluxe Digital EIS/ Molded Fiberglass Instrument Pod / 10 Gallon Poly Gas Tank with Fuel Shut Off / Spring Shock Suspension / Rear Turf Tires / Four-Point Seatbelt Harness / Intuitive Ground Steering and Throttle / Bucket Seats / Performance Design Sunriser 500 Canopy Choice of Standard Patterns / Chute Bag and Line Socks / 3 Blade Composite Propeller / Compounded Steering
BASE PRICE WITH 912 UL 80 H.P. $31,995
BASE PRICE WITH 912 ULS 100 H.P. $34,745

Note that pricing is applicable to U.S. delivered aircraft. Prices may vary depending on country of import. Call or email for a quote.

Call Anita Eaton 435-619-0266 or Stacey Eaton 435-680-4889


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Rotax 912
Gear Reduction 3.47:1
Output 80-100 H.P.
Span 39.5’
Chord 12.5’
Area 500 sq. ft.
Airframe Weight 450
Ideal Gross Weight 1100 lb
Maximum Payload 650
Airspeed 26-28 m.p.h.
Rate of Climb 500-1000 ft/min.
Sink Rate 3-8’/Sec
Glide Ratio 3-5:1
Takeoff Distance 100’-400’
Stall Speed Stall Resistant
Fuel Capacity 10-15 Gallon
Prop 3 Blade 66” Composite
Canopy PD Sunriser 500