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“Flying in a Powered Parachute by Six Chuter International is the Safest, Easiest and Most Spectacular Way to Fly”


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The Six Chuter Legend is the most cost effective powered parachute in the industry. The Legend is our standard for Two-Seat Powered Parachutes. Equipped with the Rotax 582 Two-Stroke Engine it is light weight and delivers great performance and dependability.  Optional Frontal Bars and outrigger configurations are available.  The Legend comes with everything you need to build a great looking, and awesome performing powered parachute.

p3 lite

The P3 Lite is our single seat with an all new airframe. The airframe is simpler and targeted for the kit builder. The P3 Lite easily meets FAA standards for part 103 ultralights, thus allowing for simple training and flying Starting price for the P3 Lite is $13,550. course! 


The Six Chuter Paragon AM is designed to satisfy the pilot-owner whose primary goal is the reliability of a four-stroke engine.  Six Chuter has chosen the 117 HP  Aeromomentum 15 for its reliability and value.  This AM 15 engine is incredibly quiet and smooth operating, and boasts a 3000 hour time between overhaul, virtually four times that of comparable two-stroke engines.  And with an estimated fuel consumption of about 3 1/2  gallons per hour you can expect up to four hours of flight time on a standard tank of fuel!  Add a four-blade Powerfin prop to boost the thrust of this package and the performance is even more superior.  Add an APCO Cruiser 550 and you have one of the heaviest lifters in the industry.



skyeryder II AB

  The model designation is the SkyeRyder II AB.  This name of course goes back to our very beginning.  The Skyeryder II is specifically designed for the kit builder who wants total freedom to customize, and use various engines, canopies and other components. The Builder will be able to incorporate new or used components and using the amateur built manuals and process we provide will be able to do their own annual inspections and any level of maintenance or repairs.

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