nuts and boltsORDERING PARTS

Start by locating your model and year and study the diagram of parts nomenclature.


When ordering parts it is important to work closely with our parts and technical support staff. Six Chuter International has more than 3100 powered parachutes flying around the world and we continue to provide most parts for even our earliest models. However, due to variations in models from year to year and even within model years, we require good information to insure we produce the correct part. Please review the unit specific information (links above) and use this when ordering parts. Use the following table to connect with our staff. And please be patient. If your call isn’t answered leave a message. Our staff do our very best to get back to you within the same work day that you call.

Factory Direct 888-438-1555, or

Caleb 509-792-0726


Take the time to leave a brief message.  We do our best to return calls by the end of each work day.

If you can’t reach anyone for parts: Email

Information that will Expedite Your Order

  •  Before you call, we recommend that you find your aircraft model in the quick links at the top of the Page
  • Review the information in the models specific page so that you know about what parts you need before you call. If possible when making the call to place your order be in front of your computer so that both you and the sales person can view the same screen to assist in the ordering process.
  • What model is the Aircraft?
  • What engine is on the aircraft?
  • What color is the aircraft?
  •  What is the serial number if available?

Light Sport Serial Number and N Number

Pre-2004 Serial Number Tags

If this information is not readily available be prepared to email a picture of your aircraft to us so that we may identify the model and color for you.

Note: Once the model is determined then some parts may require more info than just the name of the part. This is caused by design changes that occurred over time. In some cases on older aircraft, we may need to see a picture of the damaged part and/or require you to provide measurements of the part in order for us to reproduce it. Note: On old units the serial number tag was a black tag about 1” tall and 2” wide with a silver stripe in the lower portion which is where the serial number was typed in. In the black portion of the tag, it will read: Skyeryder Aerochute, Manufactured by Six Chuter It was a sticky back tag that the builder/owner applied to the airframe, so if still present if could be anywhere on the aircraft. If no serial number is available can you email a picture of the aircraft and/or area of damage?

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