Do you have a passion for flying?  Do you enjoy introducing others to this wonderful sport?  Are you interested in generating potential income?  Then joining the Six Chuter International team may be the perfect opportunity for you.  If you have taken the step to obtain this business opportunities guide you have likely begun to dream of how to build a fun sport into a profitable business.  We offer this guide to help you make wise decisions regarding your potential enterprise. Fill Out This Easy Form to Get a Copy of our Business Opportunities Guide:

Why Six Chuter?

 There has been a proliferation of powered parachute manufacturers over the past decade.  Yet none can match our claim that Six Chuter has been in business under original leadership longer than any other.  Six Chuter was founded in 1991 so offers 30 years of experience in the industry.  The company was created on a foundation of integrity, honesty and an uncompromising value for quality and safety.  Dan Bailey, The first President of Six Chuter Inc. never wavered from leading the company with these over-arching values.  This is important to you because you can be confident that Six Chuter is in this industry for the long haul.  You can depend on us for quality products and great support to your business endeavor.

 The Six Chuter product line has evolved from thirty years of experience.  We have over 3100 aircraft in the field and most are still flying today!  Six Chuter has resisted the temptation to build larger, heavier, more complicated aircraft.  The result is that we offer one of the safest and best performing powered parachutes anywhere.  The  “Legend” product line[1] has been designed to establish models that can be certified under the new FAA Sport Pilot regulations for light sport aircraft.  While our aircraft are neither the least expensive, nor the most expensive in the industry, we can prove that they are among the most cost-effective.  That means that our customers get more value, safety, performance and service per dollar spent than any they would with any other company.

“While ownership of Six Chuter has evolved, Dan Bailey, founder, has never allowed us to waiver from the core values that he established the company with. Honesty, Integrity, and uncompromising value for Safety and Quality remain the guiding principles of Six Chuter International LLC.”

What Type of Opportunities Does Six Chuter Offer?

Another advantage of Six Chuter is that we offer a tiered approach to business relationships.  This is different from the traditional “dealer” approach in the industry.  The typical approach is that you purchase a manufacturer’s aircraft at retail then get “sanctioned” to sell their products in the future with commissions or discounts.  The problem with this traditional approach is that being successful in this business, more than many other types, requires an incredible array of skills, knowledge and experiences.  A successful “dealer” requires business skills, flying proficiency, ability to teach others, sales experience, technical skills to assemble and maintain, along with assets to purchase inventory.  It is a rare person who has all of these traits or assets.  Six Chuter takes a different approach by offering you opportunities at various levels, and providing you with personal support to succeed at that level.  Some options include:

Affiliate:  The Six Chuter affiliate is required to have specific qualifications or credentials and be willing to support a customer who purchases a Six Chuter.  An example of associate might be an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, powered parachute qualified, who agrees to train Six Chuter customers.  Another example would be individuals who have earned the FAA Maintenance with repairman rating certificate who agrees to work on customer aircraft.  The primary requirement for our affiliates centers on personal qualifications, your business organization, personal reputation and your willingness to support customers.

Representatives:  Other Representatives are required to own and operate a Six Chuter powered parachute, have a legal business entity and be willing to provide sales and services to Six Chuter customers.  Representatives make earnings dependent on the type and level of services they offer. There are profits available from training, assembly, maintenance and accessory sales. Most of our business relationships are with associates and representatives who are using this opportunity as a part-time method to enhance income.

Flight Center Manager:  In 2005 we began recruitment of Flight Center Managers to organize Six Chuter Authorized Sport Pilot Training Centers throughout the United States and around the world.  Flight Center Managers have usually been involved in the sport for several years and have the experience required to offer an array of services, as well as manage associates and representatives in multi-state regions.  Flight Center Managers are required to provide places to fly, maintain a standing inventory of new Six Chuters, offer professional training for customers and representatives, and provide ongoing services such as assembly and maintenance.  Managers are awarded the highest sales commissions.  Representatives and associates purchase our aircraft through Flight Centers located in their region or direct from Six Chuter where no Flight Center exists.  Flight Center Managers are an integral part of the Six Chuter management team and are actively involved in planning for the future, organizing events, and working on Sport Pilot Transition.

 Ultralight Flight Center:  A new opportunity beginning in 2012 is a “mini version” of the light sport flight center.  This move recognizes that the resources required to step up to a full blown light sport flight center are considerable and may be well beyond the means for many of you who would like to represent Six Chuter.  This move also recognizes that many who used to be representatives with us or other manufacturers did not make the transition to sport pilot and in a sense were “left in the dust”. We are working proactively to try to recapture these experienced representatives and pilots. The “ultralight” flight center manager will focus on selling our single seat, FAA Part 103 legal, Legend P103 UL.  These models are less expensive to purchase and operate and still require only a minimal level of training. We have staff available to help “refresh” your business and flight training capabilities to support the potential ultralight powered parachute market.

Existing Fixed Base Operators: With the transition of two seat powered parachutes to the legitimate sport pilot market there are great reasons for existing general aviation fixed base operators to consider adding powered parachutes to their fleets.  Powered parachutes offer a considerably less expensive way for many to start their aviation experience.  A successful fixed base operator likely has all of the elements that our powered parachute flight centers have, with the exception of the aircraft and instructors who cross train in this category and class.  Our team can put together a customized package and support to FBOs who would like to consider transitioning to add powered parachutes to their fleet and their program.

International Representative:  Six Chuter has more experience than any other manufacturer with distribution and support of our aircraft world-wide.  We have hundreds of powered parachutes flying in dozens of countries around the world.  Our team has travelled to and supported start up and ongoing operations in many areas.  And we continue to support even our earliest aircraft, no matter where they are located. We continue to seek motivated, qualified international representatives and can customize your business development and training so that you can tap into the rapidly expanding popularity of the powered parachute.

We have recently been successful in assisting partners in South Korea to achieve the equivalent of Light Sport Certification for Six Chuter Powered Parachutes, with their aviation authorities. Six Chuter has experience with working with International Authorities to assist with unique requirements.

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