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Call Toll Free 888 438-1555

“We want to make it as easy as possible to contact the person at Six Chuter International LLC who can help you the most quickly. We ask you to understand that all our staff is “hands on” which means we are not often sitting behind a desk waiting to answer the telephone.  We have an efficient system installed to direct calls to the right person, and our policy is for staff to return phone calls by the end of each working day.  That is sometimes difficult simply due to workload and time zone differences.”

“Using our system will direct your call immediately to the correct staff.  If they are unavailable you will have the option to leave them a voice mail that they will receive on their phone and via email.  We do our very best to return calls same day or within 24 hours”.

Technical Support, Parts and Sales

Caleb Bowman 509-792-0726

“Use this number to connect directly with the owners and staff…

Our Staff Numbers:

“If you want to avoid using the “system” and are working directly with our staff we have also provided their personal mobile phone numbers below.”

Who To Call or Email Alternate Contact:
Parts OrdersNote: A photo goes a long way to identify parts if you are uncertain of the name. Caleb 509-792-0726

Aircraft Sales

Talk with the Owners

Caleb 509-792-0726

New Business Opportunities:

Flight Center, Dealership,

Dealer Support

Caleb 509-792-0726

Training Information: Caleb 509-792-0726