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Tech Support Line: Call Rolando 360 904-8766

Leave a Message if  the tech line is not answered. We will try to get back to you by end of each work day.

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What Support Do You Offer Your Representatives and Customers?

Six Chuter International LLC is dedicated to the highest level of customer support possible.  We have built one of the most extensive dealer-trainer networks in the world.  Enjoyment of this sport requires after-sale support to our customers for training, accessories, ongoing service, events and activities.  We maintain this support through our representatives, new Six Chuter Flight Centers, FAA Instructor affiliates, and an extensive set of communications. We are actively involved in planning for the future, organizing events, and working on Sport Pilot Transition.

Owner Technical Resources

The owner’s forum provides often the quickest level of assistance on a variety of issues. If, however, you have a technical question regarding a Six Chuter product you should first contact an authorized Six Chuter Flight Center in your region. We also maintain a single point of contact for answering many technical issues or for referring you to the right place.  Tech Support Line: Call Rolando 360 904-8766. If you are having issues with your engine, canopy, information system or another component of your aircraft you should first contact your dealer or regional Six Chuter Sport Pilot Center. We have provided links to our other primary venders who are also ready to provide you with technical assistance.

Six Chuter Authorized Flight Centers

Your Six Chuter dealer or Authorized Six Chuter Sport Pilot Center is your first point of contact for all training and customer support issues. The owner’s forum can also provide a positive source of information.  Manuals, Safety Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives are also maintained on the Owner’s Forum site. Use REPRESENTATIVES LINK for a listing of flight centers, representatives and affiliates.