Six Chuter International LLC has several models that have successfully completed the FAA Sport Pilot Certification process.  Beginning with unit number 3049, January of 2008 all our models are sold to owners with a set of applicable assembly, maintenance and repair manuals, a pilot operator’s handbook and other required documentation. If you own a Six Chuter Powered Parachute prior to serial number 3049 and are seeking manuals and documentation, email with information on your model, year and serial number. If you are an owner of a Six Chuter  Light Sport certified powered parachute or a maintenance technician requiring documentation the following is an index of all currently available manuals.  These are available from our powered parachute store, or by contacting us at or through our ASTM compliance manager, . Various manuals, bulletins and other information are also available for direct download from the Six Chuter Owner’s Forum.

The Following Forms and Documentation Are Available for Direct Download at No Cost:

Manuals Available for Purchase

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We offer full sets of owner’s manuals that are customized for your year, and model, as well as your engine, instrument, propeller and canopy configuration.  The manuals are are available on a CD for $69.95 or we will print the manuals in  binder for $89.95. Go directly to the Six Chuter Powered Parachute Store to order.


Go to Airworthiness for information on Six Chuter International system of safety and notification and to download airworthiness bulletins.











Master Index and Revision Dates (Updated 04/01/2018)