Airworthiness Directives


safetySix Chuter uses a very effective procedure to rapidly notify all owners of any safety of flight item, which becomes apparent. This system consists of three types of notifications titled Safety Directive, Service Letters, and Service Bulletins. Additionally, it is recommended that the owner frequently check with the manufacturer of his propeller, engine, canopy, and instrument systems to determine if those manufacturers have issued any service instructions.

A SAFETY DIRECTIVE is considered MANDATORY. A Safety Directive will be distributed to all operators when a condition is found to exist that may also exist in other aircraft in the fleet and which could cause a deviation from the original design or produce an unsafe condition for flight, rendering the aircraft UNAIRWORTHY and not in compliance with it’s certification requirements. This change, maintenance procedure, inspection procedure, or other procedure deemed appropriate by the manufacturer is mandatory and must be performed and documented in the individual aircraft logs in order for that aircraft to maintain compliance with ASTM standards. Samples of the types of Service Directives follow showing the key items covered.

Registered Owners

Effective 9/25/2007 Six Chuter maintains a list of registered owners for all Special Light Sport, Experimental Light Sport and Part 103 owners.  This list will be utilized to distribute the appropriate safety or service bulletin.

Owners are responsible for keeping Six Chuter informed of current mailing address and other contact information.

Monitoring and Feedback

Six Chuter maintains an Internet site that is designed exclusively for owners and another for our sales representatives.  These sites are monitored routinely to scan for information related to safety.

An owner’s feedback form is provided on the owner and dealer site to rapidly document any service related issue.  This form can be filled out and emailed directly to Six Chuter.

Any owner or pilot may also rapidly notify Six Chuter of any service related issue via email at or by calling the factory direct at 888 438-1555.

Follow up Procedures

All service related the representative who receives such information should document information on the service feedback form. The feedback form will be forwarded in the most expedient method available to the manufacture.

The manufacturer shall review the feedback information and make an initial determination as to response.  Options include:

A safety of flight issue may require an immediate and mandatory service directive issued directly from the factory.  Service directives shall be distributed to all owners via U.S. Postal Service, email and by posting on the Six Chuter Owner and Dealer’s websites.

A non-critical issue may be forwarded to the Six Chuter Safety committee consisting of designated staff from each authorized Six Chuter Flight Center.  Such issues will be reviewed by the committee and feedback including recommendations returned to the Safety Manager.

A technical issue may be forwarded to technical staff inside our outside the company for specific analysis, diagnosis and recommendations.

In all cases the final action taken by the manufacturer shall be documented on the feedback form and maintained in the safety file.

CURRENT DIRECTIVES (Updated 07/26/2018)

Ongoing Airworthiness Directives  Issued Revision Subject
SB 2007-01 10/05/2007 None Advisory SR5 Landing Brace
SD 2008-01 05/07/2008 None XT Steering System
SB 2008-02 10/18/2008 None Pre-2004 Radiator Maintenance
SB 2008-03 08/01/2008 None Muffler Bracket Inspection and Maintenance
SD 2009-01 09/01/2009 None XL Outrigger Support
SL 2009-02 09/01/2009 None XL Updates
SD 2010-01 Available on Request 10/07/2010 07/05/2011 N159SC Unauthorized Parts
SD 2010-02 Available on Request 11/06/2010 02/22/2011 N156SCq  N132SC


Filing and corrections of paperwork

SD 2011-01 06/10/2011 None Plastic N Number Plates
SB 2012-01 06/12/2012 None New Risers
SD 2013-01 06/01/2013 None Muffler Clamp Specifications and Installation
SB 2013-02 08/01/2013 None Front Fork inspection and part change
SL 2014-01 01/01/2014 None Cumulative design changes
SD 2014-02 09/01/2014 None Venting Oil Reservoir Cap
SD 2015-01 08/01/2015 None P3 Lite Engine-Pylon plate modification
SL 2017-01 10/28/2017 None Kawasaki 440A Maintenance Tips
SL 2018-01 07/26/2018 None Apco Risers 70803 Installation