Build a Quote on Your Six Chuter

New Pricing Form Available

We have developed a cool new tool for pricing your own Six Chuter. Just fill out the request a form below.

  1. First request and download the 52 page catalogue so that you will have a reference while you fill out the quote.
  2. We will email you an XL spreadsheet that allows you to fill in the blanks on your aircraft, options and accessories.
  3. The form will automatically calculate the retail price for the model as you specify it.
  4. Save that form “as” your own document and email it back to us at
  5. We will verify the accuracy, consider and add any special promotions that might apply and email you back a formal quote.
  6. If you need to discuss options or want to skip using this form on your own, just call Anita Eaton 435-619-0266 or Stacey Eaton 435-680-4889 or email us at