The Six Chuter Paragon 912 is designed to satisfy the pilot-owner whose primary goal is the reliability of a four-stroke engine.  Six Chuter has chosen the Rotax 912 UL for its reliability and value.  This 912. Engine is incredibly quiet and smooth operating, and boasts a 2000 hour time between overhaul, virtually four times that of comparable two-stroke engines.  And with an estimated fuel consumption of about four gallons per hour you can expect up to three hours of flight time on a standard tank of fuel!  Add a four-blade prop to boost the thrust of this package and the performance is even more superior.  Add an APCO 550 and you have one of the heaviest lifters in the industry.


Standard Features

Powder Coat Airframe with Choice of Standard Colors / Rotax 912 / Deluxe Digital EIS/ Molded Fiberglass Instrument Pod / 15 Gallon Aluminum Gas Tank with Fuel Shut Off / Spring Shock Suspension / Rear Turf Tires / Four-Point Seatbelt Harness / Intuitive Ground Steering and Throttle / Bucket Seats / APCO Cruiser 550 Canopy, Choice of Standard Patterns / Chute Bag and Line Socks / 3 Blade Composite Propeller / Compounded Steering
BASE PRICE WITH 912 ULS 100 H.P. $39,945

Note that pricing is applicable to U.S. delivered aircraft. Prices may vary depending on country of import. Call or email for a quote.

Call Anita Eaton 435-619-0266 or Stacey Eaton 435-680-4889


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Rotax 912
Gear Reduction 3.47:1
Output 100 H.P.
Span 39.5’
Chord 12.5’
Area 500 sq. ft.
Airframe Weight 450
Ideal Gross Weight 1100 lb
Maximum Payload 650
Airspeed 26-28 m.p.h.
Rate of Climb 500-1000 ft/min.
Sink Rate 3-8’/Sec
Glide Ratio 3-5:1
Takeoff Distance 100’-400’
Stall Speed Stall Resistant
Fuel Capacity 15 Gallon
Prop 3 Blade 66” Composite
Canopy APCO Cruiser 550