Which Model to Choose


The Six Chuter model you choose and the method you select for assembly and certification depend on how you intend to fly. You should also consider the conditions and locations you choose to fly in and your level of skill in flying and maintenance.  Take the time to discuss these factors with a Six Chuter representative before you buy. Learn more by checking out these resources: Watch videos of our Six Chuter Models on our You Tube Channel SIX CHUTER POWERED PARACHUTES Read more about our design philosophy developed by founder Dan Bailey  SIX CHUTER DESIGN PHILOSOPY Read an article about GETTING STARTED IN POWERED PARACHUTING  

P3 Lite True Part 103 Legal Ultralight

If you intend to fly solo without the ongoing legal licensing requirements of Sport Pilot then the all new P3 Lite is the model for you. Want to earn a pilot’s license and carry passengers? Our Legend series is a very cost-effective and high performing model for those who require the more powerful 65 h.p. Rotax 582 engine. The Legend with Rotax 582 E Gear Box, Electric Start has been our most popular selling model.

Legend Xlss (Available with Frontal Bars or Halo Outriggers)

The exciting new “Paragon AM” is equipped with the 117 H.P. Aeromomentum AM 15 engine as standard to provide four-stroke engine dependability, more power and incredible fuel economy.  The Paragon culminates an evolution in the Six Chuter line to represent the lightest, yet strongest and certainly best performing powered parachute available anywhere. Add fully functional dual controls to any of our tandem models and you can receive sport pilot training in your own ELSA (Experimental Light Sport Aircraft) or ABLSA (Amateur Built Lights Sport Aircraft). Our standard kits are sub-assembled at the Six Chuter factory for economical shipping anywhere in the world.  The average builder can assemble these units in 100 to 200 hours.  You can purchase a sub-assembled kit and have it inspected and certified as an Amateur or Experimental Light Sport.

Paragon XLss no front bars and Paragon Hdlx with Halo

As per FAA regulations, our Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) are assembled, tested and certified for you by the factory when they are sold.  Special Light Sport Certified Aircraft can be used for FAA flight instruction and even as rentals. Our flight center managers and sales representatives will introduce you to our various models, and provide assembly assistance, training and ongoing support regardless of the model you choose.  Take the time to read about each of our models then go to the slide show links to view some of these in action.