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Six Chuter 2014

December 8th, 2013

Enjoy a brief slide show of Six Chuter 2014. YOU TUBE, Face Book, or Six Chuter Photos and Videos. Meet our staff, view our facility and our line of powered parachutes for 2014.

Six Chuter “Quick Build” in Israel

August 20th, 2013

This is a great Youtube video of our Israel Representative building a 912 Paragon kit from out of the box to engine running in four days!

Nir and Efi Meirav Take on the First Paragon Full Kit Build In Israel

Six Chuter Kits “Taking Off”

August 20th, 2013

Six Chuter International is one of the few powered parachute manufacturers still in business, offering the option to “Build from a Kit”.  Six Chuter offers full assembly including Special Light Sport certification, but also offers part 103 ultralight kits, Experimental Light Sport kits and now Amateur Builder kits.

Here is a message from one of our Experimental builders, along with a few photos of his project to date:

Two Boeing Engineers and a Helicopter Pilot pick up their kit at Six Chuter

Hi Doug,

Thank you for the e-mail.  I received the throttle cable yesterday – thank you.  Building 3135 is progressing very well.  Work still keeps getting in the way! but I guess that’s what pays the bills…  Great job on the manuals!  They’re excellently written making the instructions understandable and assembly very easy.  I’ve made a few notes – I’ll send them all when I’m finished or some now and the rest later.  Please let me know what you prefer.     The bottom line is, I’ve enjoyed every minute building 3135!  Of course I get lots of help from my 3 year old grandson… =)

I’ve attached some pictures, please feel free to use them anyway you wish.  The throttle linkage came just in time as I just finished installing the prop drive and mounted the engine.  I’ll start the carburetors tomorrow.

Take care and have a great weekend.

Best regards,

Daniel L. McGregor

Technology Leader

Airport and Community Noise Engineering

3135 ELSA Kit Build Begins in nicely organized shop

3135 Legend XLss Kit Rolling!

ELSA Kit Customer Update

June 22nd, 2013

A very nice note from Daniel McGregor who is currently assembling one of our Legend XLss “ELSA” (Experimental Light Sport Aircraft) kits. We remain one of the few manufacturers that offers our aircraft fully assembled and FAA certified, or as a factory Experimental Light Sport kit and now as a fully owner assembled Amateur Light Sport Kit (ABLSA)

Hi Doug. Just a note to let you know I received your email. Building the new Legend is incredible! The documentation and guidance is brilliant! You’ve made some great progress since S/N 3002! I can’t believe how comprehensive and professional the instructions are – great job.

Bottom line is I’m very pleased with the new PPC kit. Thank you, but I’m sure you’ve heard this before. If you don’t mind, I’ll send some pictures. Thanks so much!

Dan McGregor

Six Chuter Announces New Amateur Built Model

March 25th, 2013

Six Chuter International has announced release of their new SkyeRyder II AB two seat powered parachute that is available now as an Amateur Built kit and eligible for FAA certification as an ABLSA (Amateur Built Light Sport Aircraft)

The SkyeRyder II AB is not so much a new model in our line as it is a new legal way to build and certify with the FAA.  Six Chuter has been manufacturing our aircraft in “kit form” since our beginning in 1991. The Sport Pilot rules complicates the manufacturing of kits and most manufacturers, including Six Chuter International LLC focused first on development of a fully factory assembled Special Light Sport certified aircraft, which in turn authorizes us to produce an Experimental Light Sport kit that can be up to 100% completed by the manufacturer.  Our Elsa kits utilize all of the components (including engines, canopies and instruments) that our Special Light Sport unit offers.

SkyeRyder II AB Airframe Kit Parts

Six Chuter has coordinated with the FAA now to offer a true “Amateur Built Light Sport” kit.  This is a new option for legal certification of powered parachutes. This kit will require at least 51% of the fabrication and final assembly to be done by the builder/owner.  The model designation is the SkyeRyder II AB.  This name of course goes back to our very beginning.  The SkyeRyder was the name of the very first Six Chuter that was entirely kit built by the buyer. The SkyeRyder is a copy of our Legend and the real difference is the degree of fabrication and completion necessary by the builder and the FAA certification process.

Six Chuter is uniquely qualified to develop this kit due to our long history of offering our aircraft in this form.  The owner/builder will be provided with detailed and complete manuals as well as all of the forms and applications required to certify their aircraft as “ABLSA”.  The owner builder will also be able to apply for an FAA Repairman Certificate that allows them to do their own annual inspections. The owner/builder will also be free to use their own engines, canopies and other components to complete their “Experimental Amateur Built”. The full rolling airframe kit will start at $6,275. Six Chuter will also offer several other component kits including, engine, canopy, instruments, accessories and other options.

Chris Hintz first SkyeRyder II AB Customer

If you would like to receive a full color catalogue with more information on the SkyeRyder II AB (Amateur Built), just take a minute to fill out the request form SEND ME FREE SIX CHUTER CATALOGUE. or email  or Call Rolando Santiago 360 904-8766

Sport Pilot Wings

October 31st, 2012

Cool new sport pilot wings are now available at the Six Chuter Powered Parachute Store

Six Chuter History and About Our Company

September 29th, 2012

Interested in learning more about the history of Six Chuter Inc., the transition to Six Chuter International LLC, our facilities and our team?  Download Our History and About Us.

Six Chuter at Arlington Airshow

September 26th, 2012

Doug Maas on Six Chuter International, Arlington 2012

Doug Maas, CFO of Six Chuter International does an interview with Ultraflight News at the Arlington Airshow, 2012.  Doug covers some history of the company transition as well as reviewing the current model line:


Dan Bailey Announces Retirement and Transition to Six Chuter International LLC

November 20th, 2011

 Six Chuter Inc. Announces Final Phase of Transition to Six Chuter International LLC

November 21, 2011

Dan Bailey, founder and original owner of Six Chuter Inc. Powered Parachutes, along with new owners of Six Chuter International LLC announced that they are in the final phases of transitioning between companies. Bailey and Tim Vedder, President of Six Chuter International LLC, explained that this transition has really been in progress for several years.  Six Chuter Inc. moved sales and distribution rights to the new partners beginning in 2008.  In 2010 the parts distribution operation was moved to a new facility in East Wenatchee, Washington. And during 2011 full assembly and distribution of their powered parachutes was occurring out of the hangar at Pangborn Memorial Airport in East, Wenatchee.

The “final phase” includes closing of Six Chuter Inc. and movement of all fabrication equipment to the facility in Wenatchee.  Tom Connelly, factory manager for Six Chuter International LLC, said that all of the equipment and reorganization of the factory should be done by March 1 of 2012. The partners involved in the transition have been working with Dan Bailey for many years so the impact of the changes is minimal on customers.  Rolando Santiago, sales and technical support manager, has been helping Six Chuter Inc. customers for over eight years and continues in that role with Six Chuter International LLC.  Doug Maas, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Marketing and Business Development, has worked with Dan Bailey since 2000 and now continues in his role with Six Chuter International LLC. Steve Rambo has been with Six Chuter longer than any other sales representative and continues with Six Chuter International LLC as an affiliate manager of logistics.  And Mike Lersbak is partnered as an affiliate with Six Chuter International LLC as a lead flight instructor and FAA examiner. Despite Dan Bailey’s “retirement” he will have an ongoing role with the new company as a consultant.  According to the new partners current and prospective customers will be just as likely to talk directly to Dan when calling Six Chuter International!

Six Chuter is one of the few remaining powered parachute manufacturers that went through the process of certifying their aircraft for production as light sport legal.  Only manufacturers who went through the rigorous process can legally manufacturer, sell and certify two seat experimental and special light sport powered parachutes.  Six Chuter International will continue to manufacture and market a single seat, “ultralight” model, as well as the “Legend” series of experimental and special light sport powered parachutes.

 Tim Vedder explained that the name change to Six Chuter International LLC helps capture the reality that Six Chuter has indeed become an International Company. Vedder said that the company has well over 2100 powered parachutes flying around the world today.  And he said that thanks to Dan Bailey’s hard work, most of these are still flying and all are still supported with parts and technical support.  Doug Maas, director of business development added that the company continues to seek motivated and qualified individuals to join the Six Chuter International team as affiliates, sales representatives and flight center managers. He also said that the new company will be holding a series of open houses at the new facility beginning in the spring of 2012.

 Learn more about the company, their product and opportunities at:

 Six Chuter International LLC

888 727-1998

Read more about the Six Chuter International Team at ABOUT SIXCHUTER on the Six Chuter website.

November 18, 2011

A New Beginning

After twenty-one years, six months and nine days as owner, I am announcing the closure of Six Chuter Inc., effective October 24th, 2011.

As I move ever closer to my retirement, like most of you, I look forward to a more relaxed lifestyle.  With that in mind, I have taken steps to plan my exit from full time work in such a way that Six Chuter and what we collectively have created over all these years may continue on into the future.  Towards that goal, I have been working directly with Six Chuter International to assume control of all operations in the manufacture and distribution of the Six Chuter product line. 

The owners of Six Chuter International are not new to this sport.  They already have years of experience having worked directly with me in many different capacities over the past decade and in particular over the past two years in anticipation of this occasion.  I believe this will allow for a seamless transition going forward and hope that you will continue to place your loyalty and trust with this group just as you did with Six Chuter Inc.

This is not the end.  It’s the beginning.  When we started Six Chuter in April of 1991, I know in my own heart that none of us really thought we’d make it.  A month!  Six months!  A year?  And, now here I am almost 22 years later having survived the thrills and chills, the ups and downs and all that owning a business can throw at you.  And I loved every darn second of it!

I can never fully express my gratitude for all that I have been given and blessed with over these past years.  In my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine the gift of participating in such a wonderful sport; meeting and becoming friends with so many good folks all around this country; and having the opportunity to work with some really great and creative people.  At times this has truly been a humbling experience but it also has been a journey of discovery and knowledge that has allowed me to go places and do things I could never have dreamed of.  The rewards that I have gained from this experience are not measured in dollars or even anything tangible, but in the memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  Thank you for all the wonderful years, for your trust and for your never-ending loyalty to our product and our company.  And most of all thank you for your friendship.

Blue Skies

Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey, Founder Six Chuter Inc.

Shipping Assembled Units

August 16th, 2011

Six Chuter International has more than 2100 powered parachutes flying around the world.  We have therefore become experts in shipping either full kits that require assembly by new owners, or shipping of aircraft that are fully assembled and flown before shipping.

Watch this video of our Israel Representative Nir Merieav unpacking and reassembling a Six Chuter Legend: