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Six Chuter On The Move

June 16th, 2019

Six Chuter On the Road to New Home in Toquerville, Utah

After 18 years in Wiley City and Yakima Washington and now 10 years in East Wenatchee, Washington, Six Chuter Powered Parachutes is on the road to our new home in Toquerville, Utah.

This leaves us with mixed emotions.  We have had a great run in the Pacific Northwest and have managed to produce and distribute more than 2200 powered parachutes around the world.  So it is with some sadness that we move on.  That said, a business has to keep moving forward.  The new home company, Out West Light Sport Aviation is owned and operated by Husband-Wife Team Stacy and Anita Eaton.  They purchased Outlaw Chutes LLC, home of the Predator powered parachute earlier this year.  And then added Six Chuter to the new company.  This combines two very good companies and can now offer even more models and variety of ways to build, certify and fly for fun. And the new location in Southern Utah has a deep Powered Parachute history including location of the Powered Parachute World Championships in early 2000’s. The Utah Powered Parachute ‘flock’ is quickly growing to be one of the most active in the nation.

The current owners of Six Chuter International LLC will remain actively involved in working with Out West LSA LLC for the foreseeable future.  To contact Out West LSA (and Six Chuter) please now start with our toll free number

Call Toll Free 888 438-1555

Note that we are doing our best to make this transition as ‘seamless’ as possible.  There will be some delays in response to parts orders for a couple of weeks while we get set up, but are striving to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. We also have units in progress and have planned the work in a way to help avoid any delays in deliveries.

52 Ft of Six Chuter Loaded and Ready to roll to new home

Crew Loading Up This weekend for move to Toquerville, Utah










Read an earlier article about the merger OUT WEST LSA MERGES WITH SIX CHUTER

Stay in contact and

Six Chuter Merger

April 27th, 2019




Apco Cruiser 400 Now Available

February 21st, 2019

Apco has announced release of their new Cruiser 400. This tapered design canopy joins the already popular Cruiser 500 and 550s. The 400 is particularly suited for single seat powered parachutes like the P3 Lite, P103UL, and SP103. Retail price – $2,867. Contact us at if you would like a quote for a new Cruiser 400 shipped directly to you

Six Chuter 2019 Catalogue

February 21st, 2019

The 2019 Six Chuter Powered Parachute Catalogue is Now Available

Get a free .pdf download by going to the SIX CHUTER CATALOGUE page and fill out a quick form. We will usually respond within 24 hours and email you your free copy.

Tribute to Steve Rambo

October 13th, 2018

Six Chuter Sad to Announce Passing of Steve Rambo


‘We just received word this morning of the passing of Steve Rambo. This picture was taken at one of our Memorial weekend fly-ins where Steve was always a larger than life presence flying around the field on his four wheeler or giving rides in his aircraft. We fondly called him Rambo but it could just as well have been Mcgyver. It didn’t seem to matter what it was that anyone needed be it a tool or a part, Rambo would rush off and sort through his cubby holes on his motorhome or trailer and magically come up with the needed item. Steve was a big man with a big heart, a teddy bear if you will. He was the longest tenured dealer in Six Chuter history, a good guy and a better friend. God speed Stevie. You will be missed but not forgotten. Rest in peace.’

Dan Bailey, Founder, Six Chuter Inc. Powered Parachutes


Steve Rambo, aka, ‘Rambo’ holds the distinction of being the longest serving Six Chuter dealer.  He joined Dan Bailey’s network of worldwide dealers in 1997 and continued to serve in various roles with Six Chuter International until 2018. Six Chuter was like his second family.

He was an FAA certified Private Pilot, but transitioned to powered parachutes in the late 1990’s.  He loved his Six Chuter Spirit and was known as one of the most competent ppc pilots anywhere. He ‘performed’ for many years at the Arlington Washington airshow.

More than just a pilot and a dealer though, as Dan Bailey pointed out he was really known for how hard he worked to make sure everyone else could fly.  From putting up the tent, and later taking it down, to fixing anything that broke, he was always there for everyone.

Steve was bigger than life.  He always had the best stories and had a gift to spin a yearn to keep everyone laughing.

Rambo loved his family, loved his friends, loved flying and loved and lived life to its fullest extent.

He was part of the cook crew at all our events and was revered for his fresh, fried Razor Clams.

We will all miss him a lot, and as Dan Bailey mentioned above, will never be forgotten.

Doug Maas, Six Chuter International Powered Parachutes.

We will keep posts, as appropriate regarding services.


















Six Chuter Service Letter

July 26th, 2018

Service Letter 2018-01 (Installation of Apco Nylon Risers Model 70803)


A new service letter is available to describe installation of newer style Apco risers on various Six Chuter models.

Since we are using a variety of engine configurations and two different c.g. types it is important that the risers be oriented correctly


Contact us at if you have any difficulty downloading or understanding the service letter.

Six Chuter Newsletter Summer 2018

July 23rd, 2018

Check out this jam packed Summer 2018 Newsletter from Six Chuter































Contact us at with any problem downloading this free newsletter.


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Manuals Revisions and Updates

April 9th, 2018

The ASTM Standards, and associated Six Chuter Manuals have been updated as of 04/01/2018.  You can check out the latest list of updates on our MANUALS page.

2018 Representatives

January 20th, 2018

Check out our updated Representatives Page under contact us, for information on our representatives closest to you

If you are interested in joining the Six Chuter team, check out Business Opportunities with Six Chuter

2018 Winter Powered Parachute Inventory

January 5th, 2018

Check out our current production units (new and in progress) as well as our preowned inventory.  Now is a great time to get on our schedule or to get a great deal on a preowned powered parachute

email us at with the unit or ad number, or call Rolando Santiago, our Sales Manager at 360 904 8766 for information or a quote on any of the available aircraft

3178 Paragon AM SOLD In production

March 2018

3188 P3 Lite Kit SOLD In production

January 2018

3189 Paragon ELSA Kit SOLD In production
3190 Tandem (Candy Red)

Available as Paragon or Legend

Factory Assembled or Kit

3193 P3 Lite Kit SOLD In production

January 2018

3194 Paragon AM Kit SOLD In production

February 2018

3195 P3 Lite Kit SOLD In production

January 2018

3196 Tandem (Candy Blue)

Available as Paragon or Legend

Factory Assembled or Kit


Contact us for Pricing

3197 P3 Lite

Available Factory assembled or kit

Choose color and options


Starting at $12,495

Contact us for Pricing

3198 P3 Lite

Available Factory assembled or kit

Choose color and options


Starting at $12,495

Contact us for Pricing

ELSA 2016-12 Six Chuter Spirits (Two Available) AVAILABLE


Six Chuter Classifieds

ELSA 2016-02

ELSA 2017-01 2010 Legend with MZ202 Engine AVAILABLE


Six Chuter Classifieds

ELSA 2017-01

ELSA 2017-02 2000 Powerhawk with only 9 hours total time AVAILABLE


Six Chuter Classifieds

ELSA 2017-02

ELSA 2017-03 2004 Legend, 59 Hours Total Time AVAILABLE


Six Chuter Classifieds

ELSA 2017-03

ELSA 2017-04 Skyrascal, Single seat, N numbered, 81 Total Hours AVAILABLE


Six Chuter Classifieds

ELSA 2017-04

ELSA 2017-05 Legend, Zero Time, Available ELSA or SLSA AVAILABLE


Six Chuter Classifieds

ELSA 2017-05

ELSA 2017-07 Buckeye DM 582, Under 100 Hours AVAILABLE


Six Chuter Classifieds

ELSA 2017-07

SLSA 2017-06 2014 Six Chuter Legend, Instructor Unit, SLSA certified AVAILABLE


Six Chuter Classifieds

SLSA 2017-06

UL 2017-02 P3 Lite, Ultralight, Lots of extras including trailer. 50 hours total time AVAILABLE


Six Chuter Classifieds

UL 2017-02

UL 2017-03 P103UL Ultralight (with Rotax 503), 85 hours total time AVAILABLE


Six Chuter Classifieds

UL 2017-03