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Ben Morrow Passes Away

Some Very Sad News Posted by Dan Bailey, Board of Directors Six Chuter International LLC

Ben Morrow Leading EAA Course at Six Chuter Memorial Day Rally 2005

“I awoke this morning to find an email from Joyce Morrow informing me that Ben Morrow passed away suddenly yesterday from a heart attack.

Many of you may not have known Ben as his involvement was in the early formative years of the sport while he was still working for the FAA. I first met Ben in Chicago at a meeting we had there that involved the ppc manufacturers at that time. Later Ben would be instrumental in assisting our company and many of you to gain your Basic Flight Instructors rating. Ben later retired from the FAA but not from his involvement with powered parachutes. He worked tireless hours in the background through his contacts within the FAA and with our manufacturing community to keep us all on track and moving forward.

When it became apparent our company had to align with the new Light Sport regulations, Ben worked voluntarily to help us write our manuals so that we could move through the process with as little pain as possible. Much of what he did over all these years was without compensation as he derived that from his pure love of the sport and the people he met. Still when I think of him, he is as much a pioneer of this sport as anyone I know. More than that he was a gentleman and a great friend. He will be missed.”

Dan Bailey

“I would add that Ben attended numerous Memorial Day fly ins that we had during the ultralight days.  Ben was instrumental in helping our growing group of pilots earn their ultralight instructor and in some cases ultralight examiner ratings through the EAA.  Since we had to renew every two years, Ben was always there for us. There is no way the sport would have grown and thrived in the Western U.S. without Ben’s leadership, teaching, support and as Dan said, pure friendship.”

Doug Maas

Western Powered Parachute Association LLC

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