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First Paragon of 2011 Delivered

The first Six Chuter for 2011 was delivered last week to Rick Gutierrez, Seattle Powerchutes LLC Arlington, Washington.

Kiting the Canopy on 2011 Paragon during Production Testing

Rick ordered a customized Paragon equipped with the Rotax 912 80 HP engine.  The aircraft includes optional “halo” outrigger system, optional heads up instrument display and was equipped with strobe, position lights and a hard wired Lynx intercom system.

This aircraft is SLSA “Special Light Sport” with full dual controls.  Rick is one or the most active CFIs in the Pacific Northwest and along with his training partners will be very busy with the aircraft this year.  As of January of 2010 ALL dual flight training for sport pilot must be conducted in either an SLSA like Rick’s, or an ELSA with dual controls owned by the student.

The Production Testing included a flawless test flight in sub freezing temperatures at the Arlington airport.  Test pilot Doug Maas reported that between the power of the 912 and the “solid cold air”, performance was spectacular.

Heads Up Instrument Display and 12 V Accessory Panel on Paragon

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