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Updated Website Improves Parts Order Process

When ordering parts it is important to work closely with our parts and technical support staff.  Six Chuter International has more than 2100 powered parachutes flying around the world and we continue to provide parts for even our earliest models.  However, due to variations in models from year to year and even within model years, we require good information to insure we produce the correct part.

Our staff are in the process of updating our website support to ease the process of ordering parts. An owner looking for parts on ANY model Six Chuter can start on the PARTS page of the website. This page provides important information on who to contact and information to collect before you make the call to our parts technicians.

The website then offers a page for each of our models.  These pages provide diagrams, photos and parts nomenclature.

And there is a section on each page that provides additional information to customers on “other components” such as variances in front steering forks, c.g. tubes and other individual parts.

Customers can call our parts technicians directly or via our new toll free number:

Toll Free 888 727-1998, or

Parts Orders:

Who to call if you need to order parts:  

 Your Flight Center, or

 ALL models 1991-2004

 Dan Bailey 509 945-5821, or email

 Legend Models 2004-Present

 Rolando Santiago 360 904-8766

If you can’t reach anyone for parts call:

 Tom Connelly

508 264-0588       Or Email:

 Dan Bailey db@sixchuter

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