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Exhibition Category-An Owner’s Story

Well the adventure…..

 Trying to get an N-number for my Six Chuter.

The deadline came and went.  We had been in the middle of moving out of state, so the information was lost in the packed boxes some place.  When I did find it, I tried to see if it was still possible to get a registration.  But according to the FAA I could not get an N number because the deadline had past.  I had talked to some other people about what I could do.  I was told  the flyer would just be considered scrap.  I was not happy with what everyone was saying because the machine has only 8 hours on it.  I had e-mailed Six Chuter and happen to get a hold of Doug Maas.  I explained what had happened and was about to just give up.  But he had told me there was another way to get it licensed.  It could be licensed as Experimental Exhibition Category Aircraft,  and gave me a web site to go to and see what it entailed.  I thought I could do  this after looking at the information.  Well after I had contacted the FAA and got the forms sent out to me the fun began.  I needed form 8050-1 and form 805-88.  I filled out the 8050-1 and sent it in with the fee that’s required. They sent it back with some changes I needed to make. little changes like, Six Chuter Inc should not be shown on the manufacturer line, it should only show my name. Also the N number that was just assigned to me on the U.S. identification line.  I thought ok, not a problem.  Now on the kit invoice bill of sale show a corporate or managerial title for the sales associate signing the invoice on behalf of Six Chuter Inc.  I thought Wouldn’t that be the sales rep. who sold it to me? No that wasn’t good enough, because he didn’t have a title other the sales rep. I was getting a little frustrated about now, but I did call down to the Federal Aviation Administration in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I talked to a gentleman down there, can’t remember his name.  But he had told me that just putting the title ” sales represenitive ” in front of his name would work.  I made changes and sent it in again.  It came back with now I needed ” Corporate or Managerial title” at this point I contacted Doug again…told him what they were after.  I sent him the letters via e-mail to him to show him what they had wanted.  He in turn contacted Clyde Poser,  Clyde had contacted me telling me he didn’t see why this wasn’t working. If all they asked for is a managerial title.. for Stan Web,  that would be sales representative. I tried this again.  Again, sent back saying it ” Corporate or Managerial title.  Doug…. Help.  I contacted Doug again, this time we thought we’d send the bill of sale to him. He would sign it and put a business card attached to the bill of sale send it back to me.  I then sent it to the FAA.   This time it worked… I received my Registration card.  My thanks goes out to Six Chuter Inc. and especially Doug Maas for all his help.

Rob Haliburton

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