Eagle Sport Aviation Arizona

News from Tyler Sepp, Eagle Sport Aviation LLC. Tyler and his business partners are our new Six Chuter Flight Center in the Southwest U.S.

Greetings Valued Customers,

I’m writing you to announce we are in process of making a switch on how the Eagle Sport family operates; beginning Monday, January 23rd, 2017, we will be relocating our airplanes out of hangar on the North side of the Glendale Airport.
While a tough decision to make, we recognize the following benefits to support our business, our instructors, as well as our valued-clients:
• We will bring the rental back to $110/hour for the airplane; no added facility fees. Additionally, we will now be offering discounted bulk-rates;
• We will direct potential customers to affiliated instructors through Eagle Sport marketing, at no added costs. This will include an “About Me” Instructor spotlight for clients to learn about the instructor, their applicable experience, and make an informed decision to fly with that instructor. We are dedicated to help our affiliates build their flight instruction businesses.
• We are partnering with a third-party webhosted technology, “Flight Circle.” This website will provide your clients the ability to reserve your time, make online payments, and most importantly provide the seamless ability for our instructors to manage and view their past and upcoming flight history; again at no added costs to you;
• Aligning with our new hangar affiliate will now afford us the opportunity to permanently hangar our planes and powered parachutes. This will provide us the ability to keep our planes clean and safe from adverse weather conditions. Within the hangar, at your immediate reach, will be servicing materials such as rags, oil, and cleaners to limit your “back-and-forth” trips you previously had to make from the hangar to the tie-down spot;
• Maintenance is co-located with dedicated oversight of the aircraft. This will allow us to commit to a fixed maintenance schedule for both planes as well as having the support to address immediate concerns keeping the airplanes mechanically safe, fueled, and flight-ready;
• We will be returning to the use of 91-Octane automotive gas. This mitigates the added maintenance times related to unnecessarily using 100 Low-Lead, reducing down-time and again increasing the availability of our planes for your instructional use.
What we ask of you in return:
• Be a part of our team and make Eagle Sport, LLC your school of choice. We recognize there are many other Light Sport flight schools for you, however, our dedication to our planes and our instructors is value-add is immeasurable. Partner and trust in Eagle Sport, LLC, united we can build the best Light Sport school this country has ever seen!
• Lend a hand: We have done marketing by providing our aircraft for display at events such as Aviation Day at the State Capital, Car Shows, etc. If we have an event scheduled, help us and boost your client-prospects by getting in on the action! Participate, volunteer, and we certainly want to hear your ideas if there are other events which would be beneficial to participate in.
• Care for our planes, as if they were your own: While I will be personally washing and helping to maintain these aircrafts, I ask the same from you. Help keep them clean, timely report concerns or discrepancies, and provide feedback if we can be doing things more efficiently and effectively. By now, I demonstrated the difference I make when I am home and present. This company is my baby and our instructors (you) are my friends. I want the best for us and I want you to have pride in the birds you fly. Working together to keep up the appearance of the planes will boost our brand recognition and reputation, which will again bring clients to you.
• Lastly, attend our monthly Eagle Sport, LLC hosted instructor meetings. The point of these monthly meetings will be to have an open forum to address concerns, any upcoming changings, as well as swap tips to help promote teamwork and safety.
I believe the best strategy for long-term growth and success is through you. Keeping our instructors happy means our clients are happy; happy clients leads to happy feedback and more referrals. This is our chance to get back to what I started Eagle Sport to do in the first place, to provide a fun and affordable way for the masses to realize their dream of flight.
I want to personally thank you for your patience and understanding while Eagle Sport, LLC makes this transition.

Please contact me to discuss any questions or concerns regarding the transition at your leisure, I am always open to hearing your candid feedback and want to ensure you know you’re a valued partner.

Tyler R. Sepp
President Eagle Sport LLC
ATP, Flight Instructor