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Unit Inventory and Availability

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As the season approaches our production schedule gets full quickly. We are doing our best right now to stock up and do some “build ahead” to help reduce the delivery time that we can commit to.

The following is a list of units and availability. For $500 deposit we will reserve a unit in your name for up to 30 days.  If at the end of that period you decide that you aren’t able to complete the commitment, then we return that deposit with no questions asked. Once you are ready to commit we require a 50% down payment to complete production with the balance due within 4 weeks of completion and shipping.

1. 3159 P3 Lite Rolling Airframe. White. Located in Midwest. The airframe is immediately available. Completion to flying approximately 4 weeks

2. 3162 P3 Lite. White. Eight weeks out. This aircraft is being completed for the Arlington airshow, but would be available to any customer, ready to fly immediately after that show.

3. 3163 Legend Tandem Rolling Airframe. SOLD

4. 3164 Legend or Paragon, Candy Blue. Six Weeks. Available

5. 3166 P3 Lite. SOLD

6. 3168 P3 Lite, Gloss Black. Eight Weeks. Available.

7. 3169 Legend or Paragon, Candy Red. Eight Weeks Available

8. 3170 Legend or Paragon. Pick your color. Eight Weeks. Available.

We also have a good inventory of Preowned aircraft available. You can check out our inventory at Powered Parachute Classifieds

Contact our Sales Manager Rolando Santiago, 360 904-8766 for more information on any of our new or preowned inventory.


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