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Six Chuters In Europe

Joe Kolek On Cover of European Flying Magazine

Here is a message from Joe Kolek, our European Distributor:

Joe continues to work very hard on behalf of Six Chuter to distribute our aircraft in that area of the world.

Dear Doug :

Finaly home from a fantastic journey through Indochina. Every American should go there to see them “at work”, the nations we do not have a chance to compete with …

I am proud to share with you and all the 6Ch enthusiasts that in Europe/CZ (Czech Republic) one of my 6Ch’s there was selected as a drop-off platform to test a performance of numerous reserve chutes conducted by Czech LAA aviation authority (equivalent to FAA here) and 6Ch’s photo appeared on a very front page of Czech “Pilot” magazine, April 2011 issue, together with a story about the event with more photos inside !!! Do you want me to send you an accompanied text translated into English ?

Well, I am very proud of it that at least some “fruits” of my long effort there to educate stubborn Europeans that 6Ch has a multitude of excelent qualities got noticed there …
All three 6Ch I have in EU now are finaly certified; bunch of new red tape there. We’ll be going to EU right after the Memorial weekend so we would meet in Quincy yet. Will you go with us ? … also, I would like to buy from you a couple of those radio pouches and those 6Ch history DVD’s …

Stay in touch and
Have a nice day
Joe & Eva

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