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Six Chuter Announces New Amateur Built Model

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Six Chuter International has announced release of their new SkyeRyder II AB two seat powered parachute that is available now as an Amateur Built kit and eligible for FAA certification as an ABLSA (Amateur Built Light Sport Aircraft)

The SkyeRyder II AB is not so much a new model in our line as it is a new legal way to build and certify with the FAA.  Six Chuter has been manufacturing our aircraft in “kit form” since our beginning in 1991. The Sport Pilot rules complicates the manufacturing of kits and most manufacturers, including Six Chuter International LLC focused first on development of a fully factory assembled Special Light Sport certified aircraft, which in turn authorizes us to produce an Experimental Light Sport kit that can be up to 100% completed by the manufacturer.  Our Elsa kits utilize all of the components (including engines, canopies and instruments) that our Special Light Sport unit offers.

SkyeRyder II AB Airframe Kit Parts

Six Chuter has coordinated with the FAA now to offer a true “Amateur Built Light Sport” kit.  This is a new option for legal certification of powered parachutes. This kit will require at least 51% of the fabrication and final assembly to be done by the builder/owner.  The model designation is the SkyeRyder II AB.  This name of course goes back to our very beginning.  The SkyeRyder was the name of the very first Six Chuter that was entirely kit built by the buyer. The SkyeRyder is a copy of our Legend and the real difference is the degree of fabrication and completion necessary by the builder and the FAA certification process.

Six Chuter is uniquely qualified to develop this kit due to our long history of offering our aircraft in this form.  The owner/builder will be provided with detailed and complete manuals as well as all of the forms and applications required to certify their aircraft as “ABLSA”.  The owner builder will also be able to apply for an FAA Repairman Certificate that allows them to do their own annual inspections. The owner/builder will also be free to use their own engines, canopies and other components to complete their “Experimental Amateur Built”. The full rolling airframe kit will start at $6,275. Six Chuter will also offer several other component kits including, engine, canopy, instruments, accessories and other options.

Chris Hintz first SkyeRyder II AB Customer

If you would like to receive a full color catalogue with more information on the SkyeRyder II AB (Amateur Built), just take a minute to fill out the request form SEND ME FREE SIX CHUTER CATALOGUE. or email  or Call Rolando Santiago 360 904-8766