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Six Chuter Service Letter

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Service Letter 2018-01 (Installation of Apco Nylon Risers Model 70803)


A new service letter is available to describe installation of newer style Apco risers on various Six Chuter models.

Since we are using a variety of engine configurations and two different c.g. types it is important that the risers be oriented correctly


Contact us at if you have any difficulty downloading or understanding the service letter.

Six Chuter Winter Hours

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Six Chuter Winter Hours, November to March


We will be operating on winter hours schedule November through March.  Our normal hours are not set specifically and our staff is scheduled as needed to complete production and parts orders.


The only impact on customers might be delays in being able to speak with our staff personally.

However, we will continue to call back when you leave a message on our main phone line 509 884 8084. You can also call and leave messages with our Parts and Tech Support Manager, Rolando Santiago, 360 904 8766


And you can email us at  You can also check our Six Chuter Store and order many items on line.




Eagle Sport Aviation Arizona

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

News from Tyler Sepp, Eagle Sport Aviation LLC. Tyler and his business partners are our new Six Chuter Flight Center in the Southwest U.S.

Greetings Valued Customers,

I’m writing you to announce we are in process of making a switch on how the Eagle Sport family operates; beginning Monday, January 23rd, 2017, we will be relocating our airplanes out of hangar on the North side of the Glendale Airport.
While a tough decision to make, we recognize the following benefits to support our business, our instructors, as well as our valued-clients:
• We will bring the rental back to $110/hour for the airplane; no added facility fees. Additionally, we will now be offering discounted bulk-rates;
• We will direct potential customers to affiliated instructors through Eagle Sport marketing, at no added costs. This will include an “About Me” Instructor spotlight for clients to learn about the instructor, their applicable experience, and make an informed decision to fly with that instructor. We are dedicated to help our affiliates build their flight instruction businesses.
• We are partnering with a third-party webhosted technology, “Flight Circle.” This website will provide your clients the ability to reserve your time, make online payments, and most importantly provide the seamless ability for our instructors to manage and view their past and upcoming flight history; again at no added costs to you;
• Aligning with our new hangar affiliate will now afford us the opportunity to permanently hangar our planes and powered parachutes. This will provide us the ability to keep our planes clean and safe from adverse weather conditions. Within the hangar, at your immediate reach, will be servicing materials such as rags, oil, and cleaners to limit your “back-and-forth” trips you previously had to make from the hangar to the tie-down spot;
• Maintenance is co-located with dedicated oversight of the aircraft. This will allow us to commit to a fixed maintenance schedule for both planes as well as having the support to address immediate concerns keeping the airplanes mechanically safe, fueled, and flight-ready;
• We will be returning to the use of 91-Octane automotive gas. This mitigates the added maintenance times related to unnecessarily using 100 Low-Lead, reducing down-time and again increasing the availability of our planes for your instructional use.
What we ask of you in return:
• Be a part of our team and make Eagle Sport, LLC your school of choice. We recognize there are many other Light Sport flight schools for you, however, our dedication to our planes and our instructors is value-add is immeasurable. Partner and trust in Eagle Sport, LLC, united we can build the best Light Sport school this country has ever seen!
• Lend a hand: We have done marketing by providing our aircraft for display at events such as Aviation Day at the State Capital, Car Shows, etc. If we have an event scheduled, help us and boost your client-prospects by getting in on the action! Participate, volunteer, and we certainly want to hear your ideas if there are other events which would be beneficial to participate in.
• Care for our planes, as if they were your own: While I will be personally washing and helping to maintain these aircrafts, I ask the same from you. Help keep them clean, timely report concerns or discrepancies, and provide feedback if we can be doing things more efficiently and effectively. By now, I demonstrated the difference I make when I am home and present. This company is my baby and our instructors (you) are my friends. I want the best for us and I want you to have pride in the birds you fly. Working together to keep up the appearance of the planes will boost our brand recognition and reputation, which will again bring clients to you.
• Lastly, attend our monthly Eagle Sport, LLC hosted instructor meetings. The point of these monthly meetings will be to have an open forum to address concerns, any upcoming changings, as well as swap tips to help promote teamwork and safety.
I believe the best strategy for long-term growth and success is through you. Keeping our instructors happy means our clients are happy; happy clients leads to happy feedback and more referrals. This is our chance to get back to what I started Eagle Sport to do in the first place, to provide a fun and affordable way for the masses to realize their dream of flight.
I want to personally thank you for your patience and understanding while Eagle Sport, LLC makes this transition.

Please contact me to discuss any questions or concerns regarding the transition at your leisure, I am always open to hearing your candid feedback and want to ensure you know you’re a valued partner.

Tyler R. Sepp
President Eagle Sport LLC
ATP, Flight Instructor

Pacific N.W. Training

Friday, July 24th, 2015

If you are a Face Book user you can connect with news from our Western Sport Pilot Association affiliate at

WESTERN SPORT PILOT ASSOCIATION FACEBOOK Just go to their page and “like” it.

They are in the midst of a busy training season

mark legend sunset3148 early morningsix chuter pair arlington black skiesnelson beach 1

Six Chuter Manuals

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

We have recently completed a significant expansion of manuals now available in our Six Chuter Store.

The manuals are available printed and bound, in CD or as downloads. Many of the supplemental manuals are free. Click this link to do directly to Six Chuter Manuals.

six chuter store

Six Chuter Owner Forum

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Six Chuter has added a new Six Chuter Owner Forum on facebook

If you currently own a Six Chuter Powered Parachute, just email us your year, model and serial number and we will invite you into the group.

The group is intended to provide more resources including owner to owner support for your powered parachute and flying activities.

owner forum

Six Chuter Bulletin February 2015

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

The Six Chuter Bulletin for February 2015 is available as a download html file. This file will not include photos and graphics available if you receive it directly.


This issue is a compilation of resources and information available from Six Chuter to help you get started in powered parachuting or to stay connected with us as prospective pilots or current customers.

If you are not on our mailing list and did not receive this directly you can download this and then notify us at that you would like to be placed on our mailing list.

New Sales Representative

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

Welcome Travis Mattingly, Guston Kentucky to the Six Chuter International sales network.

Travis is relatively new to the sport and is currently flying his new Six Chuter P3 Lite.  He is enthusiastic about the sport, working on his Sport Pilot License and will make a great partner to Six Chuter International in the Southern U.S.

Sales Representative Kentucky, Guston Travis Mattingly 270 668-7058270

Travis Mattingly (left) with CFI James McCleay

Travis Mattingly (left) with CFI James McCleay

SkyStriders LLC

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

nelson prosserWelcome one of our newest representatives, Bill Nelson, SkyStriders LLC, based out of Prosser, Washington.

Here is a personal message from Bill:

Happy New Year to all of you who fly ultralights and light sport aircraft in WA state, and in nearby locals.  My purpose in sending this email is to let you know about a new business that will hopefully soon be opening in Eastern Washington.  So if you’re on the Wet (West) side you can pretty much ignore this. 

 But for those in Central-Eastern Washington, North Eastern Oregon, and Western Idaho (especially the powered parachute and light sport airplane crowd) let me introduce myself.  My name is Bill Nelson, I live in Prosser, WA, and I am developing a new enterprise called Skystriders Light Sport Aviation LLC.  My plans are to provide light sport service, instruction, Discovery Flights and rides, annual inspections, flight reviews, and Six Chuter specific sales and service to current pilots and to those who would like to get into our sport.  Now if you already have someone providing such services for you please know that I’m not interested in trying to steal you away for myself.  But for new and prospective pilots who don’t have someone to provide any of these services, I am available. 

Now before you get too excited about a Six Chuter rep. in Eastern Washington, let me say that while I already do represent Six Chuter, have built my own SLSA trainer, and have been through the 120 hour training for Light Sport Mechanics down at Rainbow Aviation in CA, I still need to finish my CFI in PPC’s.  I have my CFI in Light Sport Airplanes so if you need instruction in your own plane, or a Biennial Flight Review, I can help.  But my hope is to center my business around PPC’s and that will require a PPC CFI and the add-on module for PPC’s at Rainbow (which I’ll get in May).  So this email, as much as anything, is just to let you know that such services are coming, and hopefully by this next summer I’ll be in full operation. 

Now if you want to know more about me and Skystriders, please take a moment to check out my web page at  You can also email me at  And I especially would like to hear from you in a reply to this note if you would like for me to take you off this mailing list.  Or, if you know of any pilots who aren’t a member of EAA UL Chapter 127, and who might need my services, or if you know of someone who is interested in getting into our sport, I would appreciate your sending me their email, or you’re telling them about me and sending them to my web site.  One way or another I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you.


Bill Nelson


Light Sport Aviation LLC




Six Chuter News September 2014

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

2014 continues to be a great year for Six Chuter International LLC Powered Parachutes, our owner/pilots, flight centers, representatives and affiliates. We will be working on numerous articles and bulletins and a comprehensive annual report towards the end of this year. We remain in the midst of busy so it is difficult to take a break in the action to catch up with communications.

Thus this brief email to owners and prospective owners is just to highlight a few items.


Be patient. Our staff are in the midst of taking some long deserved summer breaks…even though summer is over. The factory is closed this coming week and will be open on September 28th. You can still reach Rolando during normal hours week days. But we continue to stay efficient with a small staff and if you can’t reach someone right away, just leave a message. We all do our best to respond by end of each work day.

Our toll free number is 888 727-1998. This system gives you a menu with a variety of options to leave messages with various staff.

If you want to order parts or need technical support, Call Rolando Santiago at 360 904 8766

If you need assistance or information on a current parts order, Call Tom Connelly at 509 264-0588

Email us at


If you want to continue to stay connected with Six Chuter, in addition to checking our website regularly


We have recently invested heavily in inventory so that we move into the fall and winter months in great shape to reduce production and delivery times. Our schedule remains quite busy so if you are thinking about placing an order please let us know soon so that we can secure a favorable position on the schedule.

As a result of our inventory the following is a brief summary of expected production and delivery times through the Fall Quarter.

Airframe Kit only All Models 4 weeks 2 Weeks if you choose color we have on hand $3995 to $7995
Full Kit for Experimental or Amateur Built Certification 6 weeks 4 weeks with color airframe on hand $9995 for P3 Lite

Legend XL Starting at $18,895

Paragon Starting at $31,995

Factory Assembled Legend Experimental 8 weeks 6 weeks with color airframe on hand Legend XL Starting at


Factory Assembled Paragon Experimental 10 weeks 8 weeks with color airframe on hand Paragon Starting at $33,995


For more information on Six Chuter Models, visit our website at OUR AIRCRAFT


  • 2015 will mark the Silver Anniversary of Six Chuter, entering our 25th year in business. Dan Bailey, founder and Doug Maas, President of Six Chuter International LLC are collaborating on a book, or at least an article on the Six Chuter experience.
  • We have new Flight Centers and Representatives to tell you about including, N.W. Light Sport Aviation Mark Martin, Sacramento Powered Parachutes Larry Howe, and SkyStriders Light Sport Aviation Bill Nelson
  • There are new SLSA (Special Light Sport Aircraft) certifications to write about including a Paragon XLss at Chutes Up Powered Parachutes in New Hampshire, a Legend XLss in California at Sacramento Powered Parachutes and one nearing completion in Eastern Washington at SkyStriders Light Sport Aviation
  • There are dozens of new Six Chuter owners around the world with some great stories to tell.
  • On the International Front, Microlight Aviation in India is rapidly expanding a new flight center, Jose Carrola is our new International Representative in Portugal, and YK Mok our new Flight Center Manager in South Korea managed to get the first ever powered parachute certified to the equivalent of light sport standards. Bob Warner just took delivery of a Paragon and is working with us to establish a flight center in Panama, Central America.


Ok that is it for brief. Again we look forward to more comprehensive information later this fall. Let us know how we can help you get airborne!



Best Regards,

Doug Maas

[Chief Financial Officer][Marketing] [Business Development]

[] []